During the conference, the city of Utrecht and the city of Rotterdam presented us some developments concerncing smart governance.

At the city of Rotterdam, Roland van der Heijden presented the ‘Digital City Rotterdam‘, which is part of the smart city devlopment in the next 15 years.

As a policy consultant, Miriam Weber updated us on Healthy Urban Living in Utrecht. The objective of the Healthy Urban Living programme is to create a platform for research and debate, to help the city to encourage health challenges, healthy lifestyles and healthy environments.

Inge van der Klundert, policy advisor on sustainability for the city of Utrecht, presented the Utrecht Energy plan. Utrecht adopted an innovative approach to develop an energy plan. Whilst energy affects every citizen of Utrecht, most meetings with this theme are just attended by residents who have a keen interest in energy. In 2015, the municipality of Utrecht organized a discussion involving a broad spectrum of Utrecht residents. Participants in the discussion were selected by lottery. 165 Utrecht residents worked together to develop an energy plan.

On 3 Saturdays, they discussed the city’s future energy supply as part of a one-of-a-kind approach. The main question: which extra steps can Utrecht take in order to achieve a carbon-neutral energy supply as quickly as possible?