Curitiba was the top ranked city on the IPCT Brazilian Index of Digital Cities 2012, on the C40 City Awards 2016 as a sustainable city, on the Best Brazilian City 2015 and 3th ranked Connected Smart Cities. In addition, Curitiba has been acknowledged as a pioneer in innovative solutions to problems of transport and responses to climatic changes.


Researchers of the Smart Governance team are currently concentrating on one of the smart city projects in Curitiba, the Curitiba Collaborates.


Curitiba Collaborates is a set of articulated actions under the leadership of the Curitiba Municipality. The objective of the project is to promote in the city an environment of collaboration, innovation and creative economy based on the development of technological solutions. The project was started with the open data policy of the municipality and the availability of databases. The project involves the participation of public administration, local universities, the movement of civic hackers of the city ‘Code for Curitiba’ and the citizens as technology developers, entrepreneurs, researchers and students.