Smart Gov Virtual Conference March 2016, Curitiba
Smart Gov Virtual Conference March 2016, Curitiba
Smart Gov Virtual Conference March 2016, Utrecht and Curitiba








Virtual Conference on Smart Governance Practices and Research 

Introduction by Albert Meijer, on Smart Governance

Discussing the major findings of the literature review

Open the slides here : Introducing Smart Cities for Sustainable Cities


Presentations by/about the three cities along major themes

What has happened up till now and what is going on in the three cities, regarding ‘smart governance, sustainable development and the use of ICT for advancing societal engagement and sustainability? What are the vision, strategies and work methods? What are the best and worst practices?  And most importantly: how can we learn from each other, pracitioners and researchers, from the different cities?

City of Utrecht

Brigitte Hulscher, Introduction to smart city Utrecht

Loog Landaal, Smart technologies in citizens initiatives

Daniëlle Fiolet, Is there a digital divide in Utrecht? 

Muriël Pels, Utrecht’s expectations of the research 

City of Curitiba           

Smart governance in Curitiba

Presented by :

Sergio Povoa Pires – Chief Executive of the Instutute for Research and Urban Planning of Curitiba

Paulo Roberto Miranda – Secretary of Information and Technology

Renato Eufenio Lima – Secretary of the Environment

City of Glasgow

Prof dr. William Webster: Smart governance in Glasgow


Here you can download a summary of the minutes of the conference.