This research will establish a collaboration between researchers and urban governments in Glasgow, Curitiba and Utrecht, so that the produced insights and knowledge can be used to strengthen democratic governance practices.

The project is designed so that local practitioners engage with best practices elsewhere in the cocreation of
knowledge. The practitioners will actively engage with the researchers to discuss preliminary findings
and to co-design a knowledge system that is both academically robust and useful in practice.


The research will be conducted in close collaboration with local governments in the three cities through
the following established contacts:

  • Drs. H. Sakkers.

          Head of department of public affairs, city marketing, international and subsidy affairs, City of Utrecht

  • Ms C P.R.M. Miranda

Secretary of Information and Technology, Municipality of Curitiba, City of Curitiba

  • Ms Clare Holland

Public Relations Officer, Future City Glasgow, City of Glasgow


The team consists of a combination of senior and early career researchers. The PhD’s in Utrecht and São Paulo and the research assistant in Stirling will do the empirical studies.

The explicit ambition is to train junior researchers in empirical research within an international setting. Visits to the other cities will be most valuable for their academic development and the chance to get feedback on their work from a range of established academics will help them to develop stronger ideas and research designs.