At 24 February 2017, prof. William Webster, Charles Leleux and Suzanna Tomor presented findings at the CRISP Workshop. The presentation is available through the link.


CRISP research focuses on the political, legal, economic and social dimensions of the surveillance society. CRISP’s core aim is to generate and disseminate new knowledge about ‘information, surveillance and privacy’.


The workshop was titled ‘Being digital: Digital technologies and citizen-centred approaches to participation, surveillance and privacy‘.


The ‘being digital’ workshop was designed to explore contemporary citizen-centred approaches to engaging citizens about their experiences of privacy in the digital world and the ways in which citizen participation and engagement is evolving with the advent of new digital technologies.


The workshop aims to explore the implications of citizen-centred engagement mechanisms and citizens’ views about privacy in the digital era. Digitised versions of traditional participatory mechanisms and new digital ways of participating through the co-production of goods, services and public policy will be examined.